Glassboro Summit Conference Begins (1967)

The Glassboro Summit Conference was a meeting between US President Lyndon Johnson and Soviet Premier Aleksei Kosygin that took place at Hollybush mansion at Glassboro State College in New Jersey. Although the two leaders failed to reach agreement on anything important, the generally friendly atmosphere of the summit became known as the “Spirit of Glassboro” and is believed to have somewhat improved Soviet-US relations. What two wars were major subjects of discussion at the conference? Discuss

Festa de São João do Porto (So Joo Festival)

June 23, the eve of the Feast of St. John the Baptist, is celebrated each year in Porto, Portugal, with a curious ritual. Festival-goers tap each other on the head with plastic hammers or leeks. Some say the gesture indicates romantic interest, others claim it brings good luck to the recipient. The custom can be traced to pagan times; indeed, the fireworks, music, all-night dancing, and colorful processions that feature on St. John’s Eve are more closely allied to pagan summer solstice rituals than religious observances. A large amount of wine is drunk, and grilled sardines are consumed. Discuss

Bob Fosse (1927)

Born into a vaudeville family, Fosse began dancing professionally at age 13. He won his first Tony Award for choreographing the Broadway musical The Pajama Game in 1954 and went on to win six more Tonys for his choreography, which was known for its sensuality, precision, and jazz sensibility. His later hit shows included Damn Yankees and Sweet Charity—both starring his wife, Gwen Verdon. Fosse was the first person to win what three awards in the same year? Discuss

Lymph Nodes

These white blood cell-filled filters are the lymphatic system’s filtration units. They collect and destroy dangerous bacteria, viruses, and foreign particles that infiltrate the body. There are approximately 500 to 600 lymph nodes throughout the body, with clusters in the neck, underarms, chest, groin, and abdomen. The bean-shaped nodes normally range in size from a few millimeters up to 2 centimeters but may become enlarged due to the presence of a tumor. What else causes lymph nodes to swell? Discuss

HMS Victoria Accidentally Rammed and Sunk (1893)

The HMS Victoria was a Royal Navy battleship that collided with another Royal Navy battleship, the HMS Camperdown, near Tripoli, Lebanon, during maneuvers. The Victoria capsized and quickly sank, killing 358 crew members, including the commander of the British Mediterranean Fleet, Vice-Admiral Sir George Tryon. In 2004, after a decade-long search, a Lebanese diver located the wreckage in 492 ft (150 m) of water. What is unusual about the orientation of the wreck? Discuss

Paul Morphy (1837)

Morphy was an American chess player widely considered to have been the world’s greatest. He earned a law degree at 18 but was ineligible to practice until 21, so he turned to chess to pass the time. He won the American championship and then beat the European masters, making a name for himself as the unofficial world chess champion. After failing to set up a law practice, he went into seclusion and retired from competitive play. How many opponents could he play simultaneously while blindfolded? Discuss

Broca's Area

Also called the motor speech center, Broca’s area is a section of the human brain involved in language processing, speech production, and comprehension. The region is named after 19th century physician Paul Broca, who located it in the frontal lobe of the cortex. Damage to the area can result in a condition called Broca’s aphasia, which renders sufferers unable to create grammatically complex sentences. In his research, Broca worked closely with a patient who could only produce what five words? Discuss

US Captures Guam from Spain (1898)

Visited by Ferdinand Magellan in 1521, Guam was formally claimed by Spain in 1565 and remained under Spanish control until 1898, when it was taken by the US in the Spanish-American War. Because the Spanish garrison on the island had no knowledge of the war, the US sent a single Navy cruiser, the USS Charleston, and was able to capture Guam without a fight. At the end of the war, Guam was officially ceded to the US under the Treaty of Paris. How many Spanish soldiers were captured on Guam? Discuss