Eusociality is a key concept in sociobiology, which is the study of the genetic and evolutionary bases of social behavior. Coined in 1966, the term “eusocial” describes an animal society—like that of bees, ants, shrimp, sponges, or others—largely made up of sterile individuals that work on behalf of the few reproductive members of the group, or in some cases the only reproductive member, and cooperatively care for the young. What are the only truly eusocial mammals? Discuss

International Day of Disabled Persons

The years 1983-92 marked the United Nations Decade of Disabled Persons, a period during which great strides were made in raising awareness and enacting laws to improve the situation of individuals with disabilities. At the conclusion of this 10-year observance, December 3 was proclaimed the International Day of Disabled Persons. The UN General Assembly appealed to its members to observe this day with activities and events designed to promote the advantages of integrating disabled persons into every area of social, economic, and political life. Discuss

"The Judgment"

“The Judgment” is a 1912 short story by Franz Kafka. He wrote it in a single sitting and described the experience as a creative outburst of the body and soul with the story emerging like a newborn “covered in filth and slime.” He even allowed it to be published—most of his stories were only released posthumously. “The Judgment” focuses on a man named Georg Bendemann whose father condemns him to death by drowning, prompting Georg to jump off a bridge. What life events likely inspired Kafka? Discuss