Lei Day

This is a celebration of Hawaii’s state symbol of friendship. Leis are garlands made of flower blossoms, seeds, leaves, ferns, and pods. The events of the day include state-wide lei competition, the crowning of a Lei Queen in Honolulu, and assorted exhibits and hula performances. The queen’s coronation is accompanied by chanting and the blowing of conch shells. On the day after the celebration, leis from the state-wide competitions are ceremoniously placed on the graves of Hawaii’s royalty at the Royal Mausoleum in Nuuanu Valley. Discuss


Derived from a French word meaning “to glue,” collage is an art technique consisting of pasting materials to a surface. Long popular as a pastime for children and amateurs, it was first given serious attention as an art technique in 1912, when Pablo Picasso pasted a section of commercially printed oilcloth to his cubist painting Still Life with Chair Caning. It has been used by countless artists since. What are some examples of musical, literary, and architectural “collages”? Discuss